Open every Sunday from 9-14

The Farmers Market in Szimpla Kert has become a phenomenon in its 10  years of operation. The market and its 30-40 sellers attract thousands of customers every Sunday. Every seller at the market is a real first producer, who bring what they grew and made by their own hands week by week. We choose them for a long term according to a strict regulation system paying attention to provide the widest range of products possible. You can buy many kinds of cheese, honey, jam, syrup, vegetables and fruit, and meat of mangalitza and game, freshly picked and dried mushrooms, truffle specialities, spices, sandwich spreads; what is common in them is that they are all chemical free and come from the nearby area from the manufacturer. But do not forget to check out the upper floor: Szimpla Brunch where you can eat as much as you wish with muesli, organic fruit juices, home-made cocoa, tea specialities, coffee and many products from the sellers.

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 But the market is not just a place for buying food, it's a real social meeting point. We have live music every Sunday. Besides our favourite jazz- world music and folk bands we let ourselves wander in other styles of music too. You can leave your kids at the children's program while you are shopping, our animators are prepared to entertain them according to the season. Non-profit organizations have some space in the Civic Area, you can join workshops, games and courses and you can learn more about the actual participant of the Common Cauldron.


Every week, the representatives of a different non-profit organization cook from the ingredients that are available at the market at our Common Cauldron events; usually they make a vegetarian and a meat dish. You can try these foods for a donation that is given to the organization to reach its goals. Besides NGOs, companies, friends can also apply to take part in the program if they want to support an NGO of their choice.